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OLA hospital and orphanage is situated in the center of Zawan in Jos, south Local Government Area of plateau state in Nigeria.

It is a 103 bedded Hospital. It is operating under the aegis of the Catholic Archdiocese of Jos and managed by the sisters of our Lady of Apostles.

1.0 Our Mission Statement

We are committed to promoting life to the full and sharing in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through the provision of preventive and curative health care services that are based on a holistic approach that affirms human dignity, love and respect for the human life with a preferential option for the less privileged and the poor.

1:1 The Departments

The Hospital is divided into 14 departments and 10 units. Each department and unit is headed by a competent staff. The hospital departments are:

    1. General Administrator


    1. Finance and Account


    1. Pharmacy


    1. Out-Patients


    1. Laboratory


    1. General ward which is divided into four units: male, female, children and private wards


    1. Chest Ward


    1. Maternity, which is divided into following units:

      1. Ante-natal
      2. Pre-natal
      3. Labour ward
      4. Post-natal
      5. Immunization Clinic
      6. Special Baby care unit

                Private ward






               Out station

              Private ward

2:0 General Out-Patient Department

This department runs 24 hours, 7 days a week service, with two consultation rooms, pharmacy out-let, counseling unit, cash office and card room.

2:1 Maternity Department

The hospital has an ante-natal clinic, this clinic runs every Wednesday and any other day that there are emergency cases. Health talks are given to the patients on personal hygiene, nutrition and importance of regular ante-natal care. Patients are encouraged to come to the hospital for delivery and Immunization of their babies. This unit is headed by a registered Nurse/Midwife.

2:2. Pre-Natal Ward

This is where the pregnant women are admitted before delivery. It is a ten (10) bedded ward.

2:3 Labour Ward

In the Labour ward, there are six (6) delivery couches, delivery light, suction machine, oxygen cylinder with gas and other equipment for delivery.

3:0. Special Baby Care Unit

In this unit, the hospital admits premature babies, Jaundiced babies and neonates that are sick. The hospital has one big incubator and two (2) phototherapy machines, two baby cots and room heater. The hospital practices PMCT, i.e. prevention of mother of child Transmission, for the mothers and babies. The hospital source her drugs from OLA hospital in Jos Metropolis.

3:1. Physiotherapy Department

This department is headed by a physiotherapist. Patients on admission and out-patients are referred to this department for treatment and exercise.

3:2. Ultra-Sound

The hospital has a big ultra-sound machine. Scanning is done three times in a week and any other day that there is an emergency. The hospital does obstetric scanning, pelvic scanning, abdominal and breast scanning.

4:0. Chest Ward

This unit is headed by a registered staff Nurse. It is a thirty bedded ward: The ward is divided into female, male and semi-private ward. The Hospital is direct observation therapy (DOT) Center in relation to in and out-patients of Tuberculosis. Patient from different part of Plateau state come to the Hospital for their T.B drugs and test is carried out free for them. Both drugs and test are provided by the Plateau State government free.

4:1. Theatre Department

The hospital has a well equipped theatre with modern operating table, suction machine and theatre light. The hospital also have big autoclave machine that is used to autoclave instruments and other materials.

4:2. E.C.G

The hospital has an ECG machine. Patients with heart problem and are hypertensive are referred to this department for ECG. People also go for periodic medical check-up and other health problems.

4.3 Other Activities of the Hospital

Other activities of the hospital aimed at improving the lives of the population around OLA hospital and orphanage include:

5.0 Care of the Aged

The Hospital runs a free clinic for those who are 60 years old and above every last Thursday of the month. Free drug is given to the patients. The goal and objective is to check for impending diseases, control and threat those who are hypertensive and diabetic.

5.1 Expectant Young Single Mother

The Hospital assists young teenage girls with unwanted pregnancy from the time of conception to the birth of their babies. The Hospital also provides feeding and accommodation for the mother and clothing for the baby. The Hospital invites the family of the girl and reunite them before she is discharged.

5.2 Home Based Care, for HIV Positive patients

For the past Eight (8) years, the hospital has been responding to the problem of HIV/AIDS in Zawan and environs. Because of the active involvement of the hospital, it was designated a center for Home Based Care of HIV/AIDS Patients, as a pilot scheme, by the Federal Government.

The hospital has ninety nine (91) Home Based Care group members; that is, people living with HIV/AIDS. They meet every first Saturday of every month at 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the hospital premises. The Hospital provides money for their transportation to go for their free drugs. The Hospital occasionally gives them food stuff, clothing and other provisions according to their needs. The resources to carry out this work comes from the hospitals earnings.
One of the biggest challenges is poor access to drugs, which they have to get from the government hospital in Jos metropolis. Most of the patients are unemployed, and they depend on  the Hospital to provide  drugs for them. The Hospital has employed four (4) of them and has also started petty trade for some others.

5.3 Free Medical Out-reach

The hospital usually conducts a free specialized medical out-reach to community dwellers in Zawan, Du and neighboring villages and all those who may have been affected by the recent unrest. The core programme activities in the medical outreach programme include:
A. Gynecological and General Surgeries
B. Eye surgeries and care
C. Dental Care
D. General consultation and management of all medical cases.

6.0 Subsidized Eye Clinic

The hospital conducts an eye clinic within its facilities, twice a month at a subsidized rate. Examination and consultation is free. Drugs are fixed at N500, while prescription glasses are issued at the cost of N1,500.

6.1 National Health Insurance Scheme (N.H.I.S)

The Hospital has been classified as a primary health care provider under the National Health Insurance Scheme. The Hospital has two Thousand and Fifteen (2,015) enrollees under the network. The hospital is in the process of being registered to becoming a secondary health care provider.

6.2 Out Station

Hospital has one permanent out-station in Gada-Biyu. The out-station has two (2) senior community Health Extension Worker and one (1) Medical Laboratory Assistant.

6.3 Medical Out-Reach

Based on the mission of the Hospital, the facility made it a point of duty to embark on medical out-reach to surrounding villages. On a monthly basis, the hospital reaches out to ten health post in other rural villages apart from Zawan, such as Dahwet, Kuru, Du, Heipang, Gyel, Shen, Turu, Riyom, Fadar Karshe.


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