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On the first of May 1963, the Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles opened a Private Nursery/ Primary School along Dawson Road in Benin City. This school started with an initial intake of 38 pupils and 4 teachers. In 1971, the Sisters established a Nursery school at number 37, Airport Road Benin City and transferred the Nursery section at Dawson Road to this new site. By this development, the nursery school at Airport Road became a feeder for the primary school at Dawson Road.

In 1973, the defunct Mid-West state Government took over many private schools including Emotan Primary School at Dawson Road. In lieu of compensation, there was an understanding between the Sisters and the Government that Emotan Nursery school at Airport Road should remain the main feeder school accounting for 80% intake into Emotan Primary School Dawson Road. This arrangement broke down in 1989 when the state Ministry of Education objected to automatic transfer of pupils from the Nursery School at Airport Road to Emotan Primary School Dawson Road.

This development as well as the pressure from concerned parents led to the decisions taken by the OLA Sisters to establish a Primary School at the site of the Nursery school in 1990. The name of the school then became Our Lady of Apostles Private School and the sister-in charge at that time was Sr. Nora Culleton. Over the years, the school has grown steadily by the grace of God and has remained a double stream school. In 1996 the school set up a library after receiving support from the World Bank and the following year, a computer room was also set up. Due to a high demand and population for admission into the school, the Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A) in 2010 assisted in putting up eight new class rooms.

The school has provided and still provides the best in holistic education for her pupils and equip them for the highly competitive world. Apart from academics, the school also organizes and participates in extra-curricular activities in order to aid the physical and spiritual growth of the pupils and also to enhance teacher-pupil relationship. Such activities in the school includes: Holy Childhood Association, Cultural group, Literary/debating club, French club, Fine-Art club, Chorography club, Scout club, Red Cross club, Girls guide, Music/Choir, Karate, Cultural dance club. Catechism classes are also organized in the school for pupils who wants to receive the sacraments.

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