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 Friends of OLA Sisters (FOLA) is an organization that was founded by the OLA Sisters in the Province of Nigeria shortly after it became an independent province of the congregation in 1990. Members of FOLA are convinced and faithful Catholics who desire to fulfil their mission as Catholic by supporting the missionary work of OLA Sisters at home and abroad.

FOLA is founded on the basis that:

  • Vatican II reminded us that all baptized persons are called to be missionaries.
  • Missionary Institutes in the Church must animate the missionary vocation of the lay faithful and share their missionary spirit with all people.
  • Missionaries cannot live their mission without the support of the entire Church: 'some give to the missions by going, others go to the missions by giving'. There is no mission without the two.     

For this reason, FOLA members make a commitment to collaborate with the missions by:  

  • Praying for OLA missions and misionaries all over the world.
  • Cultivating a missionary spirit in the home, their local communities and the Church at large.
  • Attend FOLA meetings and celebrations which include reflections, retreats and social gatherings.
  • Offer financial and material support according to their possibilitie in support of the work of the OLA Sisters.
  • We hope that, the lay people shall one day share more fully in our mission, by volunteering to work directly with us in some of our mission projects, offering their professionalism and the life of faith to spread the love of God.

On our part, the OLA sisters:

  • Offer daily prayers for the intentions of our friends and supporters.
  • Masses are offered regularly for their intentions and that of their families.




FOLAS (Lagos) Lenten Recollection 2014!

On the 12th of April 2014, about 45 members of the Friends of OLA Sisters (FOLAS) from Maryland Community, Yaba Community and St. Mary's Community Broad Street Lagos all gathered for the 2014 lenten recollection which took place at the Maryland Convent Chapel, Lagos. It began with the Rosary and Stations of the Cross at 9.30am. This was followed by a talk on the theme "The Family and Faith Crisis" which was given by Rev. Fr. John Suakor, SMA. There was group sharing on some of the issues faced by Christian families today.

 FOLAS were shared into four groups to discuss the following questions:  

  • What are the challenges faced by families today?   
  • What are the reasons that make families to break up?
  • What are the challenges of handing down the faith in the families?
  • What are the reasons why children revolt?

After the group sharing, the following points were brought up by the various groups;

a)      What are the Challenges faced by families today? 

  • Lack of trust and self control.
  • Finance.
  • Ill health.
  • Pride.
  • Lack of communication.

b)      What are the reasons that make families to break up?

  • Infidelity.
  • Pressure from the extended family.
  • Pride.
  • Lack of effective communication and understanding. This can cause undue harshness
  • Lack of family prayer.

c)      What are the challenges of handing down the faith in the families?    

  • Lack solid faith foundation.
  • Effects of mixed marriages.
  • Lack of adequate family prayers and bad examples of parents.
  • Education and environmental influences.
  • Lack of post sacramental classes.

d)      What are the reasons why Children revolt?

  • Non formation in catholic doctrine.
  • Infidelity of parents.
  • Lack of effective communication in the family.(when parents are too strict)
  • Gross indiscipline from one or both parents.
  • Peer group influence and modernization (old school vs new school)

After the group feedback, there was exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and confession. The theme for the one hour adoration was “Family Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.” The scripture passage used was Joshua 24:14-15 “…as for my family and me, we will serve the Lord.”

The Holy Mass commenced at 1:50 pm. During his homily, Fr. John Suakor, SMA encouraged us to make good use of the season of lent to be united with God. After the Eucharistic celebration, vote of thanks was giving by Sr. Catherine Esiekpe on behalf of Sr. Assumpta Mordi, the provincial superior. There was group photograph and light refreshment for all the members.

It was indeed a life-given and graced-filled moment for the FOLAS and the sister coordinators from the three communities who gathered to pray as one OLA Family as we prepare for the Holy Week.

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