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These Sisters are presently on mission outside Nigeria.


Sr. Emmanuella Ohumaegbulem

Sr. Rita Dung

Sr. Celestina Ikpeni


Sr. Agnes Umudo

Sr. Cynthia Nwadike


Sr. Martha Agbedo 

Sr. Nancy Ekeh

Burkina Faso:

Sr. Benedicta Amaihwe

Ivory Coast:



Sr. Patience Akpama

Sr. Amanda Nwachukwu    

Benin Republic:

Sr. Kauna Yakubu


Sr. Ceciia Adebanjo

Sr. Catherine Akhare


Sr. Cynthia Nwakamma


Sr. Victoria Zirra


Sr. Justina Obamwonyi


Sr. Monica Onwunali

Sr. Maryann Dedewo


Sr. Edel Mowah









“It’s good to always be content  no matter what we are going through, because if we see what others are experiencing, we will forever be grateful to God.”


May the sweet smell that comes from the cedars of Lebanon continue to refresh us, and may God in His infinite mercy continue to sustain us with His love, peace, joy, good health of mind and body as long as we keep on working in His vineyard.


My mission in Lebanon has enabled me to be more sympathetic towards those who are challenged in any way- physically, mentally and emotionally. In Kafaat we work with different types of challenges such as Mongolism, Polio, Poly-handicap, Deaf and Dumb, the Blind, Autism Spectrum disorders, mentally handicaps, and old people. The age range is between 5 and 45years. We have a total number of 350 in the home.


This organization is owned by a lay man. Sisters have worked here for so many years, with great commitment and dedication that the owner trusts the sisters so much that he has given a whole building out of the home for the disabled for our community. We strive each day to give our best in order to maintain this good relationship for the promotion of God’s kingdom. There are also other employees from different dominations with whom we work as collaborators.


We are four sisters in the community and each one works with a different type of handicap. Two of our sisters work with the Polio and Poly-handicaps. One works with the old people.


 I work with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).It is a group of development disabilities caused by an abnormality in the brain. People with ASD tend to have problems with social and communication skills. They are likely to repeat certain behavior for example movement of the head, screaming, movement of legs, hitting their head and hands on the wall and so on. They have unusual ways of learning, paying attention or reacting to different sensations. They might not be interested in what others are saying or doing, some of them cannot even communicate due to Echolalia problem. Some have the attitude of eating and drinking anything they see due to their mental disorder. ASD covers a wide range of behavior, it begins during childhood and last throughout the person’s life.


I help in feeding them, getting them set for school and I also spend most of the evenings with them in order to ensure that they do not get injured or exposed to any harm. I assist in supervising the employees that stays in charge of the handicaps in my group.    


By Working with this set of people I notice I have grown spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I’m becoming more sensitive, attentive, compassionate and caring. My experience with the handicap for this few months has really made me stronger. It’s good to always be content no matter what we are going through, because if we see what others are experiencing, we will forever be grateful to God.


 SR. Cynthia Nwakamma














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